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Though once novel, the term ‘cloud’ has become commonplace, and the market has reached a level of maturity. However, there are so many questions and so many options that it is usually overwhelming for small businesses. Should you move your IT infrastructure to the cloud?

Here are some key questions every small business owner should ponder when contemplating a move to the cloud:

Scalability and Flexibility

It is true that cloud computing is just someone else’s computer you are renting. However, that someone else has a pretty good team to manage their computers and much better IT infrastructure than a small business can manage on their own. However, the more demanding your compute needs are, the more expensive it gets to have your systems on the cloud. A good comparison is owning a delivery truck vs. renting a U-Haul. When you are moving heavy loads every few days, then it is worth owning a truck. However, U-Haul offers you flexibility and scalability you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Pain Points

Most small businesses do not have an IT department, and they depend on some IT companies (like ours) to manage their infrastructure. It is up to the business to decide if their IT services are driving your business goals. Are you facing challenges with data storage, collaboration, accessibility, or security? Are you looking to scale your business, enhance agility, improve customer service, or reduce costs? We cannot guarantee that the answers to all your issues are cloud computing. However, we can tell you that it is worth exploring cloud solutions.


Although most of the time, cloud computing will not always be cheaper, faster, or easier. However, in the short and long run, it will offer flexibility, scalability, and security. Furthermore, in most cases, it is more economical and easier to maintain.

In conclusion, the decision to move to the cloud is not one to be taken lightly. By carefully considering these key questions and conducting thorough research, small business owners can make informed decisions that align with their objectives and pave the way for future success in the digital age.

Are you considering migrating your small business to the cloud? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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Cloud Migration for Small Businesses: Essential Questions

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